How Delicious Is Your Tips Booklet?

How does your tips booklet taste? That may seem like a crazy question, especially if you view food as a means to an end rather than the yummy experience many people consider it.

Tips booklets have often been characterized as the appetizer, the “starter” to whet the appetite of the reader so they want more. Ideally the tips are small tastes that are easily digestible, allowing information to be learned without difficulty in small segments.

It can also be a way to determine the interest level of a particular topic. The reader may take a few tastes and find they simply don’t enjoy that flavor, and that’s that. Or, because the information is basic and easy to learn, it can become a welcomed surprise that allows deeper exploration to a brand new area of information, one that may have felt overwhelming or off-putting in the past.

Many tips booklets authors worry about giving enough valuable information in a tips booklet, forgetting that this is the appetizer not the main course. They put as much as possible into every sentence, making it so heavy to slog through, leaving a not-great aftertaste from the experience.

The reader makes a lasting decision from a single experience, never again to darken your door electronically or in person. Your stuff didn’t taste good to them. Of course it is impossible to please everyone who comes to you. After all, some people prefer things that are sweet or spicy or savory when it comes to food. Yes, that carries over to taste in other parts of life. You cannot please everyone.

Some people really do want short tips and they are on their way. Others find those tips to be a good door opener and come back to you for more in-depth information. Some people want to listen or watch a video rather than read. Once you do your tips booklet, you can survey people who have expressed interest in your topic to see what formats to do next, what sub-topics to address in greater depth, what style appeals most to them.

Back to that first taste, though, and how delicious it is. By letting people know the tips booklet is intended as a quick and easy sampler of your knowledge, as a taste to see if they like it, you are letting them know there is more for when they are ready. Your intention is to give them something they enjoy in portions and tastes they like. It is not intended to give them indigestion in any way!

ACTION – View your tips booklet as one small yet important and appealing item on a buffet table of many choices. The tips booklet’s taste appeals to some people who come to eat at your table and gives the opportunity to decide what else they would like to satisfy their hunger from your expertise. While some eat lighter or heavier than others, you will ultimately develop more choices for them as you build your business and know more of what people want. It may be sweet, spicy, savory, or something else.

“Turn your tips into products and your tips products into moneymakers. TM”

© 2013 Paulette Ensign